Thursday, January 15, 2009

The First One

I feel that the word arbitrary is a widely accepted word in the blogger world. Why I have this assumption, I’m not real sure. But I at least thought I would make an attempt to use it in some way in my title. Which, by the way, was a very difficult task. Trying to title my blog was like trying to put a catchy title on my life. As it turns out, nothing I could muster was quite good enough. So, with the realization that this blog was not equal to my life, I found courage to come up with the name you see above. So, yeah, far from arbitrary is the name--probably closer to nonsense in the end.

Just in case you are similar to me when it comes to vocab skills, I would like to explain what I mean with the use of the word arbitrary. My helpful widget dictionary tells me that arbitrary is something that is “based on random choice or personal whim rather than on any reason or system.” When I write, I find that I’m most critical and thoughtful with my choice of words and rarely do they come from a random whim in this form. (If you try to carry a conversation with me in person under the influence of sugar things are quite opposite.) But, if I ever appear to be random on here, it’s because I wanted to. On the flip side, I cannot guarantee that despite my best efforts to make logical sense that I will all the time. Whatever “reason” or “system” I’m basing my thoughts on is going to be far from perfect. And when my thoughts are ridiculous, I guess it will be up to you, my mysterious audience, to let me know. Ultimately, I hope that as I share with you about my own spiritual journey and all the joys and struggles associated with it that you might gain some encouragement, or at least a laugh or two.

The other reason for the title of my blog is to simply oppose the title of my younger brother's: "arbitrary thoughts." He's been doing the blog thing for quite a while now and does a great job. It's intimidating. I want to escape his blog-shadow from the very beginning.

Please make note of my attempt to follow all of guidelines here with my first blog. I tried to be organized and thoughtful. The title makes perfect sense at least. And you probably think most of this blog is ridiculous. If so, you know what to do.